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6 Best Hawaiin Cake Design For Your Hawaiin Theme Parties

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Pandemic is still on, and in the middle of that, we can’t risk going to Hawaii. But you can have your Hawaiian theme party with some Hawaiian cake design to light it. I’m not kidding, but festive Hawaiian cake designs are the perfect choice for a summer party. Hawaiian cake design reflects the spirit of the Islands. 

There are many Hawaiian cake design ideas you can incorporate into your cake. For example, hula dancing is a traditional dance of Hawaii, hibiscus flower, which is the national flower of Hawaii, or something related to the ocean like starfish, seashells, marine life, etc. 

You don’t have to look for anything beyond this article. Because we have researched our end to make your life easy. Listed are a few of the best Hawaiian cake designs that you would like to have. 

Sandcastle Hawaiian Cake Design

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An anesthetic and simple sandcastle is the ideal topper for a cake. You can make this by molding fondant and covering it with fine light brown sugar. Professional cake makers used to carve out the castle shape by stacking up the layers of cake. 

Macadamia Nut Hawaiian Cake Design

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Macadamia nuts are another quick and easy peasy way to decorate a cake. These are loved by natives and tourists a lot. And we’re sure you will love it as well. We are adding a roasted cluster with simple syrup at the top works a cherry on top of the Hawaiian cake design. 

Hibiscus Flower Hawaiian Cake Design

Hibiscus, the state flower of Hawaii. If you want to reflect the Hawaiian culture, then putting the hibiscus flower as the topping of the cake is a perfect idea. This kind of cake is the fairest option for an anniversary, wedding or other special moments. This cake gives the simplest Hawaii vibes if you don’t like a lot of decoration on the cake.

State Flag Hawaiian Cake Design

This is another stunning way to represent the Hawaiian culture on the cake. These types of sheet cakes are simple to bake, as there is no need for stacking and filling while making these cakes. Creating a state flag on the cake with the help of fondant and buttercream will give a patriotic look to the cake. 

Sea Life Hawaiian Cake Design

On the beaches of Hawaii, starfishes are found very commonly. Carving or making sea creatures like starfish, turtles, and dolphins is an amazing Hawaiian cake design idea. 

Beach And Shells Hawaiian Cake Design

Hawaiian is famous for its beaches and sea life. This sea and beaches themed Hawaiian cake designs look impressive.

Coloring the cake with some ocean blue food color and putting or carving some sea creatures or things like seashells gives a cake a perfect look that represents the sea life of Hawaii.


Hopefully, now you won’t miss Hawaii that much. And even if you do, try baking one of these Hawaiian cake designs at home. Don’t forget to play some Hawaiian music in the background while baking Hawaiian cake design

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