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A Few Mens Cake Design Ideas

mens cake design ideas

There is a large variety of designs for all occasions. They are often more complex than women’s designs but that just makes them more spectacular. Men like a little more complication and cake design ideas that are more complicated and creative. It’s also nice to try something new since you never know what the reaction will be.

The majority of men are not big on flowers and cake design ideas. They enjoy something more elegant and sophisticated. These design ideas may include something as simple as an ornate, tiered cake with ribbons trailing down the tiers. Flowers are another favorite but they tend to be more on the feminine side. The fancier the flowers the better.

A Bit More Masculine

Men have a few other cake design ideas that are a bit more masculine. These can include things like a tall, pointed, or muscular cake with a lot of color or even a very elaborate and detailed design. Many times these designs are a part of the wedding theme and even the invitations. Some of these themes include sports or equipment based cakes.

Another one of the more popular cake design ideas for men is ones that involve the hobbies or favorite activities of the male. If the man is into hunting then a cake design that looks like a rifle or hunting bow would be very appealing. For the garage or sports fan, the more colorful the cake is the better. If men aren’t into sports or animals then a cake that’s simply decorated with sports balls, golf clubs, or basketballs would work better. If he likes his hobby then he’ll probably prefer something more subdued.

An Army Or Sailor Helmet

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Cake design ideas for men do tend to center around certain times in history or certain events that happened that year. A cake in the shape of an army or sailor helmet would be very popular for someone attending a football game. Sports themed candles and soap designs have also been very popular for the past couple of years. A cake in the shape of a quarterback or baseball bat would be a great idea if the person attending has a favorite sport in mind.

Men’s cake design ideas are almost always humor based. Most often these ideas are related to food. A cake in the shape of a big, sexy, exotic ice cream cone is going to get a lot of laughs.

Sports Or Bodybuilding

Cakes shaped like tractors, bulldozers, airplanes, and fire engines are also popular. Of course, these are all things that a guy would enjoy eating but for some reason they’re still considered very funny.

Mens cake design ideas have also included items that are related to sports or bodybuilding. Cakes that are shaped like famous bodybuilders are a lot of fun. The best part about these cakes is that most of them are edible! Just look for a cake that’s shaped like a giant pike or other large fish, make it frosted with white frosting and put raspberries or strawberries on top.


For another fun idea, you can go with a cake shaped like the head of one of your favorite sports teams. For example, if the guys over you love the Dallas Cowboys, there are plenty of cake designs that will be great for their big game. A cake can have the logo of the team printed on the side. Make it a little bit more delicious by adding canned goods to the bottom of the cake. Add a cowboy boot for some authentic Cowboys taste and enjoy your guilty pleasure. Mens cake design ideas are plentiful but don’t forget the ones that are going to bring you a smile.

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