An old fashioned Southern Baked Rice Pudding

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Southern Baked Rice Pudding is an old fashioned treat that has been around for years. It’s made with just a few ingredients, rice, milk, eggs, butter and sugar.

The pudding by itself doesn’t have the most exciting taste but once it’s baked it becomes much richer and sweeter to create one of the best comfort foods ever.

Southern baked rice pudding Recipes

Southern baked rice pudding is a simple classic recipe that everyone needs to have. Southern ingredients include butter, eggs, milk, raisins and cinnamon for flavouring. Other aspects to consider are the cooking utensils used to make it as well as time spent on doing so. It is also important to remember the number of servings needed to feed at least ten people or more before preparing it.

The ingredients for Southern baked rice pudding

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The list of ingredients typically includes long-grain white rice, boiling water, salt, sugar, cinnamon, raisins and egg yolks with 2 cups each of whole milk and heavy cream for every cup of long-grain white rice used in addition to 1/3 pound or 8 tablespoons spread out thinly of cold butter.

The ingredients are further required to be combined in a saucepan and cooked on a stove for at least two hours while stirring continuously so as not to fail the preparation process. To this end, a glass dish is needed before baking it in an oven heated up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit for forty minutes. It is important not to overcook it so as not to ruin its flavour or incorporate more milk, especially after half that time has elapsed without having done so already. In the event that there is still some milk remaining, this can be evaporated by turning on the broil mode of the oven for five minutes before shutting it off again for further use.

Southern baked rice pudding Origin and history

Southern baked rice pudding originated from the southern United States according to a recipe book by Sallie R. Williams called ‘Southern Cooking.’ This cookbook was published in 1871 and contains recipes for various dishes throughout its pages including this one as well as others, such as fried hominy and fried eggplant with tomatoes. It is important to note that this particular dish became known as a dessert even though it was actually prepared as a side dish back then.

The history of its origin lies in the fact that rice production was first harvested along Africa’s Gambia River until it spread to Charleston, South Carolina where slaves cultivated rice during colonial times for sale in England and France alongside other European countries. In addition, the production of rice had become so popular for growing that it had spread to Georgia and other states in South Carolina. This coincided with the invention of several mills along the Atlantic coast near rivers which led to increased rice production even more during that time.

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