Baby Shower Cake Decorations: Tips And Ideas

baby shower cake table decorations

Shower cake table decorations are an essential part of baby shower planning. The guest list is usually long and making sure that each guest can find a place to put down a freehand is sometimes very challenging. Often a baby shower planner chooses to make the baby shower cake table decoration ideas using the ideas found in the theme of the party or even the sex of the child to be. It is important to have several ideas for decorations so the mother-to-be will not run out of ideas when making the final party plan. Also, planning for the baby shower in advance helps to eliminate last-minute hassles.

Baby Shower Cake Table Decorations

A woman holding a birthday cake

One of the most popular decorations used at baby showers is to use a cake table as the main focal point of the room. The guests will line up along the perimeter to watch the sweet angelic face and beautiful smile of the expectant mother as she opens her present. It is traditional to scatter pieces of chocolates and almonds on the guests’ tables to represent the baby and the blessing that she will soon be receiving. The cake table decorations may consist of a simple circle with a large bow surrounding it made using fondant.

If the guests want a more elaborate look, they may place handmade flowers and ribbons around the perimeter of the table. This type of decoration is not as common as the other ones mentioned but can be just as beautiful. For the centrepiece of the cake, it is customary to use small cakes filled with candies. You can also find a variety of other edible decorations to place around the table as well.

Tips For Decoration

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Other decorations for the cake include personalized wrapped candy bars, tiny animals, and various baby items such as bottles, pacifiers, rubber ducky’s, rattles, teddy bears, bibs, jars and baby clothes. The favors that you give out can also be incorporated with decorations. The favors can be in the shape of baby booties or bibs, baby bottles, baby socks, and other baby essentials.

In terms of the food served during the event, it can be anything that your guests prefer. It can range from coffee and chocolate to meat and pasta. A good way to decorate the buffet table is to place mini versions of the foods you are serving on it. You can also set up a mini version of a spa with a large fruit box placed in a corner. The guests can choose whichever they want to eat while sitting at the buffet table.

Things To Consider

One way to decorate the cake is by using baby-themed colors such as blue, pink, yellow, and green. These colors represent the newborn baby’s colour, and it is the parents’ responsibility to keep them safe from germs. You can add small baby bottles to the cake decorations. You can also use different shapes, such as circles, triangles, and squares. For the cake-cutting ceremony, use ribbons and balloons made from the same colours as the frosting.

For the tables, you can place flower pots in the shape of umbrellas and flowers shaped like babies. You can also fill the tables with toys and stuffed animals that come in the baby category. You can also offer small candies in the shape of umbrellas and other baby-shaped candies.

Bottom Line

Baby themed wedding cakes are easy to make. All you need are basic baking tools and ingredients. If you are having a themed reception, you can purchase baby-shaped cake toppers and decorations. Your guests will surely have a good time looking at the cake topper you will be serving as dessert. You can also add a personalized message to the cake to make it more personal and special for your guests.

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