Baby Shower Ideas - Baking Your Own Cake -

Baby Shower Ideas – Baking Your Own Cake

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It is customary to serve cake at a baby shower party, and this is a wonderful tradition. However, if you are throwing a themed baby shower, you should go all out. Cake is traditional, but you can also consider other types of baked dessert for the occasion. These fun treats can be great for any theme! There are plenty of fun baby shower ideas for cakes that will delight any palate.

If you are having a beach themed baby shower, sand castle or stacked towers cake would be a lot of fun. Any parent can tell you that a baby shower is not just about gifts and party favors. While that is certainly an important aspect of it, you should also consider games and activities. A cake with sand castles or stacked towers would be a perfect game for any themed baby shower.

An Overview

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Of course, most moms-to-be will not be able to bake the best food. In that case, you might want to look into getting a simple cake topper or platter. This can serve as the centerpiece for your table, which will also provide you with some extra tables to place gifts on. It also provides the baby with a special place to nap, much like an actual cradle.

If you are having a western themed shower, hay bales or cowboy hats are great cake ideas. A Mexican themed baby shower can have fruit and vegetables. Using a cake with Mexican colors and symbols is a great way to incorporate these flavors into the cake. You could also have a cake with a small tableau of little cowboy hats, holding a Mexican hat on it. This would be a unique and fun touch to the entire reception.

Baby Shower Cake Ideas

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Some showers may have a spa or relaxation theme. If this is the case, then you should think about a cake that has a lot of bright colors and smells. A white cake with organic blueberries, blackberries, or raspberries is a great idea. A floral cake with green and yellow tinged candles and flowers as the icing is another option. Flowers are always a favorite of baby girls.

Some baby shower ideas focus on using cake toppers that symbolize baby gender. Some popular choices include animals, such as a duck, fish, and giraffe. The baby’s footprint can be made into a beautiful cake topper by using red frosting and a baby foot pattern. You could also use baby booties as the icing and put them on the top of the cake.

If you want a theme that is a little out of the ordinary, consider making a cake that resembles a barnyard. For example, you could use hay bales, hay racks, and even livestock for decorations. This cake can also use barnyard vegetables and fruits as the toppings, along with lots of different colored sprinkles. For decorations, you can use real or fake grass, straw, and straw products, along with a variety of flowers. You can get a barnyard themed cake made by baking a basic white cake, filling it with pink frosting, and putting a layer of frosting on top that has hay bales on it.

In The End

Another great idea for baby shower ideas is to bake a cake with a theme as close to your own as possible. Perhaps your daughter has a favorite character, sport, or hobby. You can make a cake that is shaped like her favorite character, sporting her signature accessories. Or perhaps you have a little boy that you’d like to give a theme. There are plenty of ways to put a little fun and personality into your cake.

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