Banoffee Cheesecake No Bake Recipe

banoffee cheesecake no bake

How many times have you tasted the banoffee cake and thought about having it every single day? There is a proper combination of flavor in this specific cake, and the entire thing is delicious. Try to make it on your birthday, and it will not be as expensive as the ones you get in the market. The best part is that you do not even have to bake the cake if you are not good at it. Here is the best banoffee cheesecake no-bake recipe that will help you, and you have to follow the directions. The directions are pretty easy to follow, and you can garnish according to your convenience


There are specific biscuits that you might choose, but it all depends on the flavor that you like. Digestive biscuits are the best when it comes to making banoffee cheesecake. It is going to make a good cake base and make sure that you have enough bananas. Otherwise, you will not be able to make the stuffing as well as the top. 

Making The Cake

A piece of cake sitting on top of a wooden table

To create the cake base, crush the biscuits into a fine consistency and put melted butter along with it. You will see that it is something like that of a paste, and you have to press it onto the base of the container. To set the base, you have to put it in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes. 

To prepare the cheesecake filling, you must use an electric blender and mix all the ingredients like icing sugar, caramel sauce, and cream cheese. Do it until you see there are no lumps anymore. Once it has a smooth consistency, you can add double cream- then keep on blending. You will see that now it is holding its shape, and it is safe to stop whisking. 


Once you have created the base and the filling, you have to put the mixture on top of the biscuit base and add banana slices. Next, you’ll have to cover them with the rest of the filling.  Next, you have to put it in the refrigerator and let it sit for the entire diet. 

Caramel Sauce

You can choose the caramel sauce according to your preference, but it is always best to use the homemade one. You can easily add salt to make it salted in flavor, and the taste will be even better. You can get good quality ready-made caramel sauce in the market and have it from The E-Commerce sites if you do not have the patience to make it at home. 

How Do You Know That The Cheesecake Is Ready? 

When you are blending the filling should use a spatula and tap on the side of the bowl. You have to see whether it is moving around or not. If it is slimy and moving without any external force, then you need to mix it more. If it is pretty hard and not moving quickly, then you know that the filling is ready. 

Bottom Note

Banoffee cheesecake at home is easy to make, and you do not need an oven or microwave. So what are you waiting for? 

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