Cake Decorating – Owl Cake Design Ideas

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When it comes to making sweet desserts, few can compare to the delight of an owl cake. The friendly character, made from fondant icing and wrapped in white chocolate, has become a favorite among young and old alike. Some prefer to buy them from specialty bakeries while others simply enjoy eating them at home. Some people, especially children, like to decorate their own personal cakes. This is where owl cake design ideas come into play. There are several ways of transforming cakes into charming containers for candies or other treats.

An Overview

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If you’re looking for some quick and easy cake decorating ideas, start with an edible image found in a children’s book or on a website of an online retailer. Use the image as the base for your design ideas. You can either draw a picture of the character from scratch or take an existing picture that you have used in another way to transform it into the cake design. One thing to keep in mind when doing this is to make sure that the picture is a good size for the cake. It needs to be big enough for the silhouette of the character and have enough space to add a border around the picture.

Another great idea for cake decorating ideas is to create custom designs using frosting. In order to do this right, you’ll need to find a good commercial frosting recipe. You can also turn an already designed cake into a custom-made treat by adding your own frosting design ideas. Cake decorating allows you to express your artistic abilities to people of all ages. Whether you use sugar, eggs, or sprinkles to create a different flavor or create a theme, you will have fun creating your own designs.

Cake Decoration

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Among some of the more popular owl cake design ideas include the snowy owl, which is covered in snowflakes and designed as a wedding cake. The bride can walk down the aisle underneath an “owl” and her groom can be seen standing beside her. For another unique cake, consider the hummingbird cake. A hummingbird cake is shaped like a small bird in a vase with colorful pastel icing splashed across its face. It can be decorated to match the theme of the wedding.

Other owl cake design ideas are shaped like owls. They are available in a variety of colors and can be designed with different designs. One type of cake is shaped like an eel. Eels are delicate and look terrific when paired with fresh berries. They can be covered in chocolate to make them a delightful treat for any dessert table. Eels are popular at weddings and can be made into centerpieces as well.

Another popular option for an owl cake is shaped like a paw print cake. This design has a cute footprint on the cake that looks best when it is filled with fondant. This footprint is a symbol of innocence. Owls are always associated with children. They are known for being good to watch birds and are even depicted in fairy tales where the dragon or other evil creature is seeking to devour the naive maiden.

In The End

There are countless cake design ideas that incorporate the owl symbol. You can have an owl cake made to look like it is resting on a four-poster bed or a porcelain owl. You can also have an owl cake with red velvet and frosting cream to resemble the wings of an eagle. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

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