Christmas Cookies - They Don't Have To Be Boring -

Christmas Cookies – They Don’t Have To Be Boring

christmas iced cake design ideas

We always get asked about Christmas Iced Cake Design Ideas. We tell them what we do and they invariably ask what kind of cake we make. It’s always the same response. “We make a white cake.” “Oh, that’s just so beautiful. What kind of icing did you use?”

Icing With Butter Cream

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Well, there are several different kinds of icing on a white cake. But the traditional icing is butter cream. We also use powdered sugar and sometimes even chocolate shavings. We have never met someone who likes our recipes very much. However, there is one recipe that they do eat. They like the frosting call for butterscotch, green or cranberry sauce flavored with freshly grated cranberries.

There are several Christmas cake decorating themes that we use more often than others. The big theme is Christmas tree decorations. We always start out with snowmen, then Santa Claus, the reindeer and then the presents under the tree. It’s not unusual to have a decorated tree that looks like a scene from a Christmas movie.

Types Of Decorating On The Cake

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Sometimes there are calls for other types of decorating on the cake. For example, we have decorated cakes shaped like teddy bears and little toys. On some of these we have small gingerbread men or small Christmas trees with bells or little reindeer. We sometimes put a star on the cake if the stars are out. In addition, we might put some other decoration on the cake such as little elves or mittens.

Christmas cookie and cake decorating are a very popular theme at our parties. Most of us have decorated cookie cutters in shapes of teddy bears, snowmen, Santa Claus, Christmas trees and angels. Sometimes these are shaped cakes with cookies already on them. For some of the Christmas cookies we decorate with a shiny metallic icing, but we use white chocolate chips instead of sugar. These are usually cookies that have been decorated with gingerbread men, candy canes, and angel faces. The most popular Christmas cookie is probably the chocolate chip angel shaped ones.

Decorating Cookies In Various Different Shapes

Some of us enjoy decorating cookies in various different shapes. For example, we once had a shaped cake like a football that we placed in the center of the table. Around the football were all shaped cookies. Usually we put icing on the football shaped cookies and stuck a small star on the top. This was quite a party!

Sometimes we decorate the Christmas tree with cookies or Christmas cookies shaped like reindeer, snowmen, Christmas trees or angels. Then we cut stars and other decorations to stick on the tree. We also get to decorate the tree itself. For the best look, we try to get stars, snowflakes and other such objects made in glass. We sometimes decorate these with shiny or glittery icing.

Summing Up

We have had our own Christmas cookies made for us from scratch. We have received several boxes of cookies shaped like Father Christmas, poinsettias and holly leaves – you name it, we’ve had it. It is a true labor of love and some of the cookies have turned into Christmas treats we can enjoy at any time of the year. So the next time you get a box of sweets or a basket of chocolates and feel like having Christmas cookies, turn to your computer and find some Christmas cookie templates, pictures and tips and get to work. And remember the cookies you make don’t have to be boring!

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