Creative Ideas For Wedding Cake Decorating -

Creative Ideas For Wedding Cake Decorating

wedding cake table decor ideas

Are you in need of wedding cake table decor ideas? With so many delicious options available, it’s difficult to choose just one. You want to be sure to reflect your personal style when choosing your cake table decorations. You can have the wedding of your dreams, but you have to start somewhere! Look for inspiration and wedding cake table decor ideas right here on our site.

Table Decorations With Sand And Shells!

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Beautiful sun-drenched beach weddings with lovely clear skies and sparkling seas are very popular at the moment. Find a huge assortment of beautiful wedding cake toppers and cake designer’s ideas and photos of just the perfect beach weddings at this very informative site. Beach weddings are very popular all year round since they are so relaxing and romantic. Choose from our amazing selection of beach wedding cake table decor ideas right here.

Beautiful Starbursts

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Beautiful starbursts on a wedding cake table make a dramatic statement. These sparkling rainbows add just the right touch to any theme. Create your own unique starbursts by purchasing clear glass balls and placing them onto your cake. Decorate them with the frosting of your choice. Choose from our extensive collection of wedding cake table decorations this summer!

Whimsical Touch

A whimsical touch on your wedding cake is a bottle of “poison” that will surely cause a scream of delight among your guests. The bride and groom can each purchase their own poison bottle and decorate it with ribbon and bows. They can then poison each other from the inside out! This is not a good idea for children or animals. Create an enchanted isle with sparkly pearl garlands. Tie ribbons around the edge of each tier. The bride can wear an apple-green dress, while the groom can wear a black one. You can also use a nice centerpiece to hang from the middle of the aisle as a special gift.

Using A Mirror

For a more elegant touch on your wedding cake, think about using a mirror to reflect each bride’s aisle. If you have a rectangular or square cake, you can trace the shape of your aisle on the cake table to create a stunning effect. Use a pretty ribbon to drape over the tiers. For a more romantic feel, place a dozen roses in the center of the aisle and let your guests take one before they leave. Another great idea for your wedding aisle decoration is to fill it with small pumpkins. These brightly colored pumpkins will reflect light and add an adorable touch to your wedding tablescape. Cover the pumpkin with a large white sheet and place a votive candle atop it. Your guests are sure to admire it!

Adorn With A Slice Of Cake

Finally, you can adorn your wedding reception tables with a slice of cake! The type of cake you serve will depend on the theme of your event. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, serve a traditional white cake with fresh flowers as a dessert. For an indoor reception, choose a unique fruit cake or opt for cupcakes as your dessert of choice.

Keep The Size Of Your Wedding Cake In Mind

As you search for wedding cake decorating ideas, keep the size of your wedding cake in mind. You don’t want to be constricted by the space at the reception hall. It’s a good idea to check out a few wedding reception sites online that provide ideas for wedding cake decorating. You may find it helpful to also visit sites that offer inspiration for unique cake decorating for those planning their own receptions.

Adding Groom Figurines

You can enhance the beauty of your wedding cake with some creative cake decorating. If you’re planning a tall cake that’s either round or rectangular, you can bring it to life by adding groom figurines to the top of the tier. Guests will love to see these figures as they walk up the aisle and down the aisle, and they’re sure to get a big smile from many guests. You can also use centerpieces, including a mini wedding cake table and floral arrangements, to complement your cake table.

Place Photo-Holding Platters

In addition to bringing to life your wedding cake table, you can also add other wedding cake decorating ideas to your reception. For example, you can place photo-holding platters at each place setting in which guests can take pictures of themselves as the happy couple. Or, you can set out trinket tables for people to put on their lucky charm. You can also hold a treasure hunt for little brides-to-be right next to the wedding reception centerpieces. Don’t forget to provide prizes for the winners of the different games!

The Last One

As you search for wedding cake decorating ideas, keep in mind the overall decor of your wedding. You want to create an atmosphere that reflects your personalities and styles, not the traditional ideas that may have been used in the past. Use unique wedding cake decorating ideas to bring your table to life, and let your imagination be your guide. Remember to think out of the box! Remember: there is always a way to make your wedding cake decorating ideas stand out.

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