Custom Baby Shower Cake - Preparing The Best Baby Shower Cake -

Custom Baby Shower Cake – Preparing The Best Baby Shower Cake

custom baby shower cake

Having a baby together is the most beautiful thing in the world. It is a time of celebration and happiness for everyone. Each day us a responsibility as well as celebration. The baby shower is one such occasion of celebration. On this day, the mother of the child is made feel special by her family and friends and the baby is celebrated as a blessing for the whole family. Hence, her are some custom baby shower cake to mark this day. This article will deal with some of the baby shower cake designs.

Dreamy Rose Gold Cake

Karina Kaufman et al. posing for the camera

This custom baby shower cake is the most beautiful and appealing cake. It is a delicious layered cake with golden roses all around it. On the top of the cake, there is a big crescent moon place and a lamb nearby. The baby is shown sleeping among the stars and the moon. Around the baby, there are gold foiled fondant stars and marshmallow-colored clouds. This cake is perfect for a boy or a girl. The edges of the cake are decorated with small starts and marshmallow-made clouds.

Toy Train Cake

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This custom baby shower cake is very adorable. It is made while keeping the playful spirit of the child in the mind. Babies are very playful when they aren’t asleep. Well, this can be stressful for parents but it is always adorable to look at the baby playing happily with toys. It is a two-tier cake and all types of toys like cars, trucks, helicopters, and hot air balloons are placed on it. The edges are given a look of a clear blue sky with white clouds and green grass. The cake looks like beautiful scenery. 

Sleeping Baby Cake

This custom baby shower cake is an asymmetrical wonder. The cake is made up of two asymmetric layers placed over each other. The layers are topsy-turvy and given a light blue color of smoothness. The baby is placed sleeping over the top layer and his blanket is shown draped around both layers. Starts, a crescent moon, and clouds decorate the sleeping baby and give a serenity of deep and peaceful sleep.

Mini Mouse Cake

This custom baby shower cake is quite modern and captures the attention. This is the best cake for a baby girl and is not even pink! The top of the cake is decorated with a red bow and the black round ears of the mini mouse. This custom baby shower cake is an ideal cake for parents expecting a girl child.


Expecting a child is the utmost happiness. However, it is a stressful period for the mother due to hormonal imbalances. Hence, celebrating her motherhood and keeping her happy is very good for the mental health of the mother. If you are throwing a baby shower for your friend, you might want to choose something that is not only her favorite but also a healthy add-on for her current condition. it would be a sweet gesture from your side to do so. 

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