Cute Baby Shower Gift Ideas For the New Mom -

Cute Baby Shower Gift Ideas For the New Mom

baby shower diaper cake

A baby shower diaper cake is the perfect idea to celebrate a baby shower. This dessert is created from diapers and used as the center piece of the party. Some people choose to make a baby shower diaper cake themselves, but others choose to outsource the creation of this beautiful and elegant dessert. Using diapers isn’t difficult if you have the right supplies. With a little planning, your next baby shower diaper cake will be stunning!

An Overview

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The first thing to create your baby shower diaper cake is to gather up some diapers. Make sure you have plenty of them, as you’ll use them throughout the process. You can purchase pre-fabricated diapers or if you prefer handcrafted diapers, they can also be purchased. Be sure that you’ve already picked out diapers in colors that are a contrast to the baby’s pink. Using lighter shades of colors for the baby’s room design and bedding is a good idea.

If you decide to create tiers for your baby shower diaper cake, then you’ll need several diapers per tier. You can purchase single-piece tier diapers at a craft store or online. Alternatively, you can purchase several packs of diaper cake toppers per tier. These packs usually include one plain colored diaper, one diaper in a solid color and one diaper in a printed color. Most pre-packaged diaper cakes are themed.

Cute Baby Shower Gift Ideas

To make your baby shower diaper cake, you’ll need ribbons and bows in the following colors: blue, red, yellow, pink and brown. Have your guests arrive early so that you can prepare these decorations ahead of time. You’ll need to line the bottom of each tier with a bow and ribbon. As an alternative, you can prepare rows of disposable diapers on a large table and place the ribbons in these rows to make the bow effect.

Next, you’ll need to prepare the layers of your baby cake. On each layer you’ll place one ribbon, one diaper, one bow and a couple of rubber bands. You can either use the same color scheme or switch the colors around. Some people even use different colors of ribbon and rubber bands for different layers.

The topmost layer can be an empty baby bottle. Cover the bottle with the ribbon and have your guests poke the bottle with the rubber bands. This adds excitement to the event as everyone thinks that the baby is actually drinking from the bottle! Another good idea is to use disposable diapers for this part.

Then, layer on one side receiving blankets and another layer of one colored diapers. Layering these two layers gives the appearance that there is more than one blanket on the baby. You can continue layering diapers and receiving blankets until your cake is covered. When it is time to cut out the baby bottle, have someone hold the top tier of the cake.

These cakes are easy to make and only take a few minutes of your time. You can add a personal touch to them by including personalized baby shower invites, thank you notes or balloons. Make sure to save a few extra diapers so that everyone has something to remember the baby shower by!

Diaper cakes can be purchased from baby shower organizers or you can make one yourself. A baby shower organizer can show you how to make a diaper cake. You will find that most of the supplies needed are common. You will need a large rectangular cake pan, long piece of string and baby bottles or diapers in different colors. You will also need ribbons, fold over laces and buttons.

In The End

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Diaper cakes are not hard to make. With the large variety of diaper cakes available you will be able to find one that suits the theme of your party. You can also find ways to cut the cake so it fits better inside the larger pan. Diaper cakes can be found as baby shower gift ideas for almost any occasion. Diaper cakes are always a big hit at baby showers.

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