Decorating a 21st Birthday Cake With Children

21st birthday cakes

A 21st birthday is an excellent time to celebrate with family and friends. Here are just a few 21st birthday cakes for ideas, but you can design the perfect party cake for you, too. You can make sophisticated and modern cakes for a modern celebration or you could opt for a fun novelty cake to represent your favorite things from your youth. Whichever route you take, here are a few fun ideas that will get you started:

Star Wars Birthday Cakes

A close up of a decorated cake

These cakes feature small Star Wars figures and can be decorated in a variety of ways, from dark browns and black to rich chocolate browns. An alternative to Star Wars, you could forgo the cakes and instead choose to fill the cupcakes with ice cream toppings like whipped cream, fruit and nuts, or chocolate bars. This is a fun idea for Star Wars fans and it’s also a nice way to incorporate a character into your theme without having to get a complete cupcake with the character.

Back to the idea of cake decorating for a 21st birthday. You don’t have to limit yourself to cupcakes. If you have a full sheet cake you could decorate it in a variety of ways, from filling it with candy to mini flowers, to writing something funny on the icing and putting a piece of that on the cake as decoration. This idea is great if you don’t want to do a traditional cake decorating design. It’s also a nice idea if you’re working on other decorations for your party, because then you’ll have an easy reference for what decorations you need.

Cake Decorating Is A Pastime

A close up of a piece of cake sitting on top of a table

Cake decorating is a pastime enjoyed by many people, not just those who are getting married. While some bakers are considered professionals, there are a lot of people who would love to learn how to decorate a cake. For these people there are clubs and organizations that can help teach them how to decorate cakes. Of course you will find that most of the people who do this are younger children, but even grownups have at least heard of the art of cake decorating. There are also some companies who specialize in making and selling cake decorating products, which is something you might want to check out as well.

There are a number of types of 21st birthday cakes that you might want to consider. You might want to go with a black and white cake with frosting blue on it, or perhaps a bright pink cake with green frosting. There are also a lot of designs and themes that you might be interested in. Some of the most popular themes are cartoons like Batman and Superman, animals like dogs and cats, cars, sports, and even nursery rhymes.

Fond Memories Of Our Own 21st Birthd

Of course, most of us have fond memories of our own 21st birthday and our parents telling us we were too young to eat cake. The good news is that today you can eat birthday cakes and not have to worry about your child spitting it out or getting seriously sick because they ate too much cake. There are many cake decorating companies that sell decorated cakes that are appropriate for any age, which means that everyone will have a good time learning how to decorate a cake. Of course, when you are young you tend to think that the only way to learn how to decorate a cake is to go from wall to wall, or to cut yourself a huge piece of cake. However, these cakes are so much fun that you can actually spend some time learning how to decorate a cake with children.


Another fun idea for making a cake that you can share with children is to find a picture of a favorite character and use it as the base for the cake. For example, if you find a picture of Mickey Mouse, you might simply cut out the Mickey Mouse shape from a simple sheet cake, cover it with frosting that matches the color of the cake and then frost the cake with plain frosting. This is sure to be a big hit at any child’s birthday party. You might even want to help your children design their own cake, since there is nothing quite as exciting as seeing their face light up at the unexpected addition of a cake.

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