Easy Fathers Day Cake Ideas

fathers day cake design

It may come as a complete surprise to you that the subject of father’s day cake design has become an increasingly popular gift giving option over the years. The reason for this is not hard to understand, as we all like to treat our dads on this special occasion and the last thing you need on Father’s Day is to make him feel sleepy because you forgot to buy him a cake! Of course, father’s day is more about father’s day cake design than it is about the actual gift, but having said that, father’s day is a busy time for any shopkeeper, and when you’re looking for father of the bride cakes you don’t want to be stuck with a design that is badly needed, or which is getting a load of negative reviews.

Simple Ideas For Father’s Day Cake Designs

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There are plenty of simple ideas for father’s day cake designs, and as long as you stay away from the sweets which will obviously end up with your poor husband’s face making a raspberry patch on your forehead, you shouldn’t have too much trouble. A lot of people think that chocolate roses are the easiest cakes to create, and whilst they are certainly very easy to make, they’re not very original. If you get a really good chocolate rose maker, then you can create something that is very unique, but it will of course cost a lot more. If you just want to create a nice decoration, then you can of course just head down to the local supermarket and pick up some cupcakes in a box, which is probably the cheapest way there is to get a good design. Chocolate cupcakes are easy to decorate with a little imagination, so here are a few fathers day cake ideas for you to try out:

Try French Maid’s Tights

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If you’re looking for something a bit more unique, then why not look at French maid’s tights? These particular cakes can really help you stand out, and you can get them decorated with some flowers to add to the appearance of surprise. The key to French maid tights is that they’re designed to be quite see through, so that every time someone looks at them, they’re almost expecting to see some surprise hidden beneath! It really is a great idea if you have a fellow dad at the party who is a huge sports fan. French maid’s tights are usually made from cotton and come in a variety of different designs and colors.

Vanilla Angel Food Cake Or Chocolate Strawberries

For something slightly less obvious, there’s always the traditional father’s day cake, which isn’t too different than the previous ideas. You could go for something that has both an aroma and taste to it, such as a vanilla angel food cake or chocolate strawberries. Another idea is to add a few small items such as a bottle of wine or champagne for dad. Of course, you can always get your dad an all-you-can-eat platter which has everything you’ve got for him on one sheet of cake. It may take you a bit longer to make this type of cake online delivery, but it is possible, and totally worth the effort. It’s also a lot cheaper than having a special order made, and with online delivery services, your dad will never know!

Final Words

A great dad deserves special thanks on his special day. There are some easy father’s day cake ideas available online that will make this a much easier task. Whether you choose a simple chocolate cake or something a little more elaborate, you’re sure to impress your dad when you put in the effort to find the perfect gift. So start designing today.

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