Easy Tips To Decorate Your Wedding Heart Cake -

Easy Tips To Decorate Your Wedding Heart Cake

A cake made to look like a flower

Nowadays wedding heart cakes are in trend. Don’t you think so? You will see these heart cakes at many weddings. As the common theme of all wedding is love and romance, which is why the heart cake is so famous at weddings. Hence, these cakes will be the best and perfect for the wedding ceremony and reception. Many different types of styles are now available, which you can use. One such option is to make a tiered, heart cake. You can make a beautiful and amazing tall cake. You can use many tiers to give it that tall and column look heart cake. This tiered heart cake is common, but the design can be different. You can design these cakes the way you want it to be so that you can give it a personal look. 

Some Easy Tips To Decorate Your Wedding Heart Cake
Easy Tips To Decorate Your Wedding Heart Cake

What Do You Need For Your Heart Cake?

These heart cakes are perhaps a cute sweet dessert for the wedding. Besides, they are also effortless to make. If you know the techniques, then it shouldn’t be difficult for you to pull it off.

It does not require any sort of carving. All you need is one round cake along with one square cake. Also, you will need some skills to make it that perfect heart cake. Which apart from being tasty will also be appealing to the eyes. 

For The Heart Cake You Will Need:

A six-inch round cake along with a six-inch square cake. You will need a knife, cake leveler and buttercream. Though the cake leveler is optional. 

You can also use some optional decorating supplies which are the following:

Sprinkles, parchment paper, mini chocolate chips. You can also use pink and green taffy candy and the chocolate disk, which has a white coating. 

How To Make The Heart And More:

When you make the heart of the cake, you have to cut the round cake into halves. Put the half-round cake next to the square cake. This will make the flat edge sit against one side of the other square cake. Repeat this with the second half of the cake as well.

Next, you have to trim the upper part of the cake to level them. This will give an even look to your cake. Then you have to flip over the cake. The backside of the cake will be perhaps smooth to ice and decorate. 

Then in the next step, you have to frost your cake with the help of buttercream. You can decorate the cake the way you want it to be. 

Some Decorating Ideas:

Some Easy Tips To Decorate Your Wedding Heart Cake
Easy Tips To Decorate Your Wedding Heart Cake

You can roll a piece of flat and chewy taffy candy. Then you can cut the roll in half and let the rolls sit on the cut sides in a small cluster. You can make leaves out of the little green taffy candy. 

You can coat the chocolate disk along with the chocolate chips upside down on the cake in a dot pattern. You can use any round candies to give it a polka dot look. 

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