Get Some Best Ideas On Cake Decorating For The Nautical Party

nautical cake decor

Nautical cakes are very popular in the US. It is said that during World War II, these cakes were quite a hit with the people. The US government liked to distribute these goodies to the military personnel stationed in areas that were near the oceans and coastlines. These cakes also became quite popular among those working on offshore oil rigs. It is said that these delicious treats gave morale to the soldiers by reflecting their love for America and the country in their minds.

Different Types Of Nautical Cake Decoration


There are different types of nautical cake decorating. In general, some cakes are shaped like boats, ships, and aircraft. They can be customized by adding colors and other images according to your taste. For example, an order for a cake with an image of a US warship sailing on the ocean may include the name of the warship and the name of the city where it is located. Other images incorporated in these cakes are the US flag, anchors, navigation signals, and other symbols of the navy and air force.

Cake Decorating As A Hobby

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Nautical cake decorating is a great hobby that you can do with the entire family. If you want to make this cake for your son’s birthday, you can use a photograph of his father as the pattern for the cake. For your daughter’s birthday party, you can use a picture of a boat that you used while vacationing at one of your favorite destinations. You can also use pictures of other places you have been if you wish to include such images in the cake. When you look for cake decorating materials, you may find them sold already molded and formed into the kind of cakes you wish to have. However, if you are the creative type, you can design your nautical cake to reflect the theme of the party. You can use images from magazines and computer screens and transform them into a cake that reflects your personality and style.

Bring Variety

It would help if you found several different kinds of decorations that will go well with the cake you plan to make. You can buy many cake toppers available at pastry shops or online from companies that provide customized and personalized toppers. A good cake topper can make a difference in terms of the overall decoration of your cake. Aside from cake toppers, it would help if you also looked for other nautical cake decorating supplies.

What Does The Supplies Include?

These supplies can include various types of candles in shapes like anchors and ships. You can also choose to add a few shells to the cake to complete the overall look of the cake. Another important cake decorating supply that you should have on hand is a large assortment of icing colors. You can use different colors for accents, and you can even use different colors for different aspects of the cake, depending on what you want to achieve.

A cake can come alive if you have all the right tools and supplies on hand. When it comes to nautical cake decorating, you do not need a lot of fancy items. All you need are basic cake decorating tools and the right cake decorating colors. For example, if you are using red as the main color in your case, you should also use red icing, and you should not forget to add some white frosting so that the cake will look like it is floating on the ocean waves. It can be really easy and fun to decorate this kind of cake, especially when you have all the right tools and supplies on hand.

Closing Lines

If you are more interested in baking and do not care too much about cake decorating, you can always use a simple cake with simple shapes and colors. This kind of cake will work just as well as any nautical cake decorating a cake that you can find online or in local stores. But if you want to impress your guests, it would be better if you got yourself a special cake decorated with all the trimmings such as shells, anchors, seashells, anchors, and even little mermaids.

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