How to Choose Simple Wedding Cake Designs

simple wedding cake design ideas

Once again, hope the above post, Simple Wedding Cake Design Ideas, will give you rewards for you to ponder over. This is a common dilemma of many who need to plan their wedding day and all the details they need to have. The wedding day is a once in a lifetime experience that both bride and groom should enjoy, from the time they got married until they die. Planning the wedding and making it a memorable one are not only done for the wedding itself, but also for the couple.

Sources To Consider For Unique Ideas

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There are several ideas you may choose from to make your special day a memorable one. You may check on wedding magazines, books, the net, TV programs, or visit different bakeries and specialty shops to see all the cakes they have to offer. This is where you can get some simple wedding cake design ideas. You can actually start making a few designs of your own and get ideas from others in doing so.

As you make cakes, try to use the most simple form of the design. It does not have to be overly complicated, nor should it be a very detailed design either. Just make sure to explore all your options when it comes to cakes. Here are simple wedding cake designs you can try:

Single Tier White Cake

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The simplest of all wedding cake styles is the single tier white cake. This style is perfect for those who want to have less stress during the planning process. With this kind of cake design, all you have to do is apply icing to the entire cake and you’re done. There are no layers to clean up afterward, and none of the guests will have to wait for dessert.

In addition to single tier white wedding cakes, you can also consider multi-tier cakes. These are cases in which you can create layers of different colors or decorations. There are even some that have more than one tier! These wedding cake ideas are great for those who want their event to go for a little longer.

The Two-tier Cakes.

Classic wedding cake designs include the two-tier cakes. There are so many options for these, which are usually simple and elegant. Two tier cakes can have the bride and groom topper on top and then beneath them layer cakes. These cakes do not only add to the flavor of the cake, but they are very aesthetically pleasing as well.

Great Wedding Cake Ideas

Pinterest is another place where you can find great wedding cake ideas. Pinterest is a social networking site where you can find so much information about anything, including wedding cake ideas. When looking for ideas on how to decorate your cake, check out the many different pinwheels that you can put decorations on with your fondant icing. You might also find inspiration on other things like candle decorations or fruit decorations. You will even find some very unique ways to decorate cupcakes, cookies and cupcakes that you would not have thought of using before!


If you love cakes and want to try out new ones, you can use them as inspiration pieces. You might even find that you can improve on what you find on Pinterest or other sites. Another thing that you can do is to take a picture of the things that you love and find a way to decorate a similar cake in the shape of it. The only limit here is your imagination! Use the ideas that you find here to spark off new wedding cake designs on your own and come up with something that you can call all yours.

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