How To End Up With A Stunning Cheesecake: Decorating Ideas

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It is impossible to find a person on this planet who doesn’t like cheesecake. Yes, if you don’t believe you can find historical proof for this. You will get surprised if you come to know one more thing about cheesecake. There is mention of this famous cake in the 5th century BC, and that is ancient Greece. 

Cheesecake And Its History

How To End Up With A Stunning Cheesecake: Decorating Ideas
How To End Up With A Stunning Cheesecake: Decorating Ideas

Even though there is proof that it existed before this, cheesecake made someplace in the English cookbook by the end of the 14th century. By the 18th century, people found out the dessert version of the cheesecake, and this is by Europeans who wanted to find the sweetened version of cheesecake. By the late 19th century, it took the original dessert form, which everyone is enjoying today, and it is by Americans. They started making it creamier and more substantial. 

Cheesecake Basic Recipe

Let’s look into the base recipe of the cheesecake. 


  • Sixteen oz of cream cheese
  • Two cups oz of powdered sugar
  • One tsp of vanilla extract
  • One tbsp of lemon juice
  • Three sheets of gelatin which are soaked and slightly warmed
  • Ten fl oz of whipped cream
  • One shortcrust pastry


Start stirring powdered sugar, cheese, lemon juice, and vanilla extract using a whisk. Once it is combined, add whipped cream and liquid gelatin and mix them properly. Once everything is ready, pour this on a pastry base and refrigerate it. 

Cheesecake And Decoration

Let’s try the best decoration that you can form on this. 

Heart Cake

For this, you need strawberry jelly. Keep the jam in a comfortable decorating bottle and start making small balls on this. The balls on the cake should appear more prominent in size when you move towards the outer edge. 

Now make use of some shish kebab skewer and try to make the heart shape. 

Chocolate Berry Cake

Here it would help if you have the following ingredients dark chocolate, melted fresh strawberries, and fresh raspberries. You can also use fresh blueberries. 

Take the dark chocolate in a comfortable decorating bottle. Form fine lines on the cheesecake’s surface and, now, rotate the cake to 90 degrees. It would help if you end up with a grid pattern by repeating the same process. For a real showstopper, you can decorate the cake with fresh fruits. 

Rose Cheesecake

For this decoration, you need to ready pink jello and edible rose petals. 

The jello can be poured evenly on the surface of the cake and now start pushing in the rose petals. Once that is done, again pour in the jello and cover the rose petals. Before serving, make sure the jello is completely set. 

Mandala Cheesecake

For mandala cheesecake decoration, you need to ready strawberry jelly and raspberry jam. 

Hence, it would help if you used a wooden skewer and a ruler for making the mandala design on cheesecakes. However, Choose some design available online, and you can easily follow the instructions. Otherwise, you can also create some design using your creativity. Now, make use of raspberry and strawberry jam for making the design catchy. 

How To End Up With A Stunning Cheesecake: Decorating Ideas
How To End Up With A Stunning Cheesecake: Decorating Ideas

Bottom Line

These are some of the decorations that you can try on your cheesecake. 

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