How to Take Good Wedding Cake Pictures

wedding cake pictures

Wedding cake photographs are not just beautiful; they are a unique visual experience that speaks volumes of the big day. The photographer capturing these breathtaking images not only looks forward to one of the most exciting milestones in his career, but he also hopes to get some business out of it. It’s important to remember, though, that photography is business. As with any other form of commercial work, the success of the photoshoot depends on the ability of the photographer to market the photo to his intended audience. A wedding cake is a major part of the reception, which means that the right photo can make or break the reception. In this article, we’ll look at how to capture the moment and get some great cake photographs.

Many people ask about the types of camera they should use when taking wedding cake pictures. There are several different options, which start with the type of camera and lens chosen for on-camera flash. Professional photographers use Nikon or Canon cameras with lenses that are capable of producing high levels of light to illuminate the wedding cakes beautifully. Professional photographers also have the skills to use off-camera flash, which is essential when taking off-camera flash photos. However, the photographer can also rely on his creativity to figure out ways to create stunning off-camera flash effects in his own photos.

Wedding Cake Pictures

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One technique for off-camera flash is to use an off-camera flash to illuminate the cake while it is being sliced by the bride and groom. This is a great way to get the wedding cakes beautifully photographed, without having the couple have to hold the actual cake. Bridesmaids and groomsmen also love getting involved in the cutting of wedding cakes, so they too will benefit from a few off-camera flashes. Off-camera flashes can also be used to illuminate the base of the cakes as well, such as the top of the tiers. Bridesmaids will love to take these tiny pictures of themselves at the wedding reception, standing at the base of the wedding cake, enjoying the elegance of the cake, admiring their dresses, and of course, getting their wedding cake pictures taken.

Brides with dramatic makeup can do some of the actual decorating of the wedding cakes themselves, rather than having the couple hire professionals to do it for them. They can get their hands on the real wedding cake and decorate it themselves. It is a lot less expensive, as well as much easier, to decorate the wedding cake yourself than to hire someone else to do it. The couple might consider having each guest have a piece of the wedding cake as a memento of the reception.

Tips For Wedding Cake Pictures

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Another way to get truly stunning wedding cake pictures is to have the wedding cakes served in wine glasses. Wedding cake decorators can make these glasses look very elegant by using ribbons and flowers. However, the use of real wine glasses is even better. Some restaurants will serve wine without any decoration on them, but this adds an extra bit of class to the glass itself, which would be difficult to achieve had the wedding cakes be served in regular-sized glasses.

For those who really want to have some fun with their wedding cake pictures, it might be worth considering decorating one’s own wedding cakes. The only problem is that these decorations can be quite time-consuming. In addition, many people find it difficult to actually find the right kind of decorations to use in their own wedding cakes. There are some stores that sell ready-made decorations, which is great if you already have most of the items that you need. Otherwise, you may have to go shopping for all sorts of candles, vases, or other items, which can make your entire experience a time-consuming one.

Things To Know

You could try to get your wedding cake pictures shot off-camera. However, there are many problems with this idea. One of these problems is that off-camera flash can make the picture look too dark or washed out because of the lighting available at the wedding reception venue. Another problem is that off-camera flash tends to wash out the colors in the wedding cakes, making the entire event seem dull and colorless. If you do decide to go with an off-camera flash, then you should plan to have the flash on for at least a few seconds so that everything will look properly colorized.

Bottom Line

If you don’t have a camera handy, then the best thing for you to do would be to simply take your own snapshot of your wedding cake and present it to your wedding cake decorator. This way, you can ask him or her to make any modifications that you want to be incorporated into the design. Of course, you shouldn’t stop with that. If you want to add more decorations to your cake, then you could simply take another snapshot of the cake and bring it with you to the store for your customization.

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