Know About Customized Walmart Birthday Cakes

walmart birthday cakes

Without a perfect cake birthdays are incomplete. But choosing a proper cake for someone or yourself is a bit confusing. But with Walmart’s custom birthday cake option, you can choose from varieties of the cakes. They have birthday cakes for everyone whether you want to buy it for your 1 year old baby boy or girl or you want to buy it for your grandma or grandpa. They have a wide range of cakes. Their cake selection offers come with very affordable prices in different sizes, shapes, designs or flavours

Customise Your Cake

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The best feature of Walmart Cakes is that you can customise your cake. While you are filling the form, you can choose from Walmart’s pre-designed cakes or you can create one. In addition, this customisation option is available for both cakes and cupcakes. Walmart has a wide range of options and different licensed characters to choose from. You can customise the size, design, flavor of icing, type of icing, fillings, sprinkles and much more. You can even add a handwritten message in icing. If you want some specific design, it is recommended that you stop by the nearest Walmart Bakery and get your customised design.

How To Order a Walmart Birthday Cake?

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Some people have confusion about how to place an order at Walmart Bakery. It is a very simple and customer friendly process. If you want to place your order online, you can check their website and from custom cakes option and choose birthday cakes from different cakes options and fill out the form according to your preferences. And to order a cake in person, you just have to visit the local Walmart Bakery near your house or office and fill out the cake order from. It is advisable to place your order 24 hours before you need to.


Walmart’s cakes are available in different sizes like round shape, layer cake, sheet cake or cupcakes. A full sheet large cake cost you $45 before customisation. If you go for ½, ¼, or ⅛ it will cost you $30, $20, and $10 respectively. Always keep in mind that if you have your specialised custom cake, then the price will differ from the original price estimate. The price of single layered rounded cake is around $8 before any specialization. If you choose from Walmart’s pre-set custom cakes, that will cost you around $50. It can be varied from sheets. Overall we can say that your customised birthday cake from Walmart will cost you around $55.


Walmart Cakes are one of the best cakes of all the time. Whether you are planning a birthday party for your daughter or son of any age, or you want to surprise your parents and friends, Walmart has something special for everyone. The customized cakes will make your birthday memorable. And the customer service of Walmart is also amazing. You can get your preferred cake at a very affordable cost. You can stop by Walmart Bakery or you can place your order online. They will schedule your order for pickup at your local bakery counter.

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