Learn How To Make An Eagle Scout Cake Design

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At my son’s birthday party we had an awesome Eagle Scout party. The cake was awesome-not too big but large enough that everyone could see the stars. We also had two rows of folding chairs at the end of the table for the guests to sit in. After folding the chairs out, the cake was all done! Success!

To make an eagle scout cake, you need two pans; a 9 inch round cake pan with a removable top tier and a lined bottom tier. Next you will need fondant or buttercream icing. You can buy it in a can or make it yourself. I used Wilton’s Magic Gourmet Fondant.

Cake And Fondant

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Once you have your cake and your fondant prepared you will need two to three packages of instant gum paste, or gum paste sticks. These are not hard to find, but you may have to search a bit to find the ones you like. You will also need about four to five spoons of cream cheese, or whipping cream, and about two to three cups of sugar. Another package of instant coffee pudding mix will be needed.

You will now start making the cake. You will fold the two layers of cake together, about six inches from the bottom of one of the layers. You will then spread a generous amount of the buttercream or fondant on the two layers of cake and then smooth the entire surface.


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Next, you will begin gluing the bottom of the cake to the two main centerpieces which are the two round centerpieces and the two long sides. The long side should be about one fourth to one half inch from the top of the cake. This creates the ‘Eagle’ figure on the top of the cake. You will repeat this process for the other two layers of cake.

Once all of the cakes are done, you will pull them from the oven and then place them on a baking sheet. You will cover the cake with plastic wrap and then refrigerate them for about one hour. This allows the cakes to bake longer, allowing you time to create an eagle scout cake topper for each piece.

Cake Design

Once the cakes are cooled off, you can begin your cake design. Using a hot glue gun, attach the cake to the centerpieces and then use the hot glue to stick the bottom of the cake to the two long sides. Once the cake is attached, you will use the hot glue to seal the cake to the two centerpieces.

For the last step, use the hot glue to attach each different type of cake to the two long sides of the cake. Finally, you should use the frosting to cover the cake, which will create the lettering you will use.

Purchase Cake Toppers

After you are done with your cake design, you will find that you have created a cake that everyone will enjoy. You can use this as the centerpiece for your party or simply display it on your cake table. If you want a unique cake, you can try creating a design that has the letters C, T, and S. You will find this to be very difficult since each letter has to fit into a space of three.

Wrapping Up

However, if you follow these steps you should have no problem coming up with your own unique cake design. In addition, you may also want to find a cake that is made with an eagle in it. You can purchase cake toppers that feature an eagle with a load bearing wings or even a load bearing talon.

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