Marble Cake Design Ideas – Top Decorative Solutions For Your Marble Wedding Cake

A close up of a piece of cake sitting on top of a table

There are so many different kinds of marble and it is up to your imagination to think of the different ways you can use it. Here are some tips for cake decorating using marble.

One of the best marble cake design ideas is to use a simple frosted cake and then top it off with a marble topping. This is a very easy and elegant way to create a cake that will surely draw compliments from those who see it. You will need to choose your favorite kind of frosting and then apply it to the cake. Once this is done, you will simply add in the marble chips. These are small pieces of stone that are placed all over the cake so that when you cut the cake, it will look like the cake was made entirely of marble.

A Marble Crumb Crust

A cake made to look like a flower

Another great marble cake design idea is to make a marble crumb crust. This can be done using Graham crackers, small round cakes, or any other kind of cracker. Then, using a hot glue gun, you will affix a piece of chocolate to each cracker. You will repeat this process until your entire cake is covered in chocolate!

For something really unique and decorative, you may want to use small pieces of marble and design them into designs on the cake itself. You can use your imagination here. Think about the type of marble that you would like to use, and how you want to design the pieces. You can use different sizes and shapes as well. In fact, you can have an entire cake made entirely of marble!

Tiny Pieces Of Fresh Marbles

A cake sitting on top of a table

Some other ideas include using tiny pieces of fresh marbles. You simply soak the marbles in water for a few minutes until they are soft enough to use. You can then use these marbles to create different designs and patterns on your marble cake. For instance, you could have a dozen marbles arranged in a row down the sides of the cake. This is a very pretty and unique idea, and it will look great as your marble cake design.

Of course, if you are going to be baking your own cake, you may not have the time to soak your marbles in water. In that case, another option for you is to decorate your marble cake with fondant. Fondant is a fairly inexpensive way to layer different textures and designs on the same cake. You can also layer different kinds of fruit on top of your marble cake, although you might need to really stretch the fondant a bit to get those toppings on.

Decorative Glass From A Few Different Sets

Other marble cake design ideas involve decorating the cake with items from your cupboard or your friend’s home. For instance, you could use a few different pieces of decorative glass from a few different sets. 

Using different colored glass allows you to create a multitude of different textures and effects. For example, you could use a bright blue glass for the top of your cake and a darker blue glass along the sides. These two colors would provide contrast, which would accent your marble slab.


There are plenty of other marble cake design ideas that you can try out. Just be sure to make sure that you keep your decorations as tasteful as possible. This is not the time to add anything too crazy or complicated. Keep things simple and you’ll end up with a beautiful cake that is not only beautifully crafted, but is also appropriate for your wedding as well. Cake decorating is actually quite simple once you get the hang of it, and once you have a marble slab as a dessert table centerpiece, you’ll never get tired of that look again!

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