Safari Themed Baby Shower Cake You Can Try For Creative Cakes

safari themed baby shower cake

Have you finalized the planning details regarding your baby shower but are unsure of what cake to get? If you are, then look no further since we’ve got covered with the cutest, most likable, and attractive cake yet! Baby showers are always a warm and wholesome event, and the love, joy, and happiness in the air can be felt and shared all around the venue because the addition of a new member to one’s family is currently on his/her way.

It’s never too early to plan for your baby shower and bringing in a cake as distracting and striking as a fully iced and decorated safari-themed baby shower cake can always help spice up the event and attract everyone’s attention. A few other reasons why you should consider getting this cake are as follows.

Safari Themed Baby Shower Cake – Gender Neutrality

A piece of chocolate cake on a table

It could be totally cute or totally hilarious but the more it stands out from the ordinary/age-old cakes, the better. Unique and gender-neutral cakes are ideal for baby showers and are preferred by most parents these days, and the safari themed-cakes are one of the cutest examples.

Safari Themed Baby Shower Cake – Bright And Colorful

A baby elephant lying on top of a grass covered field

Just as a baby adds color and joy into one’s life, safari-themed cakes add color and light to a baby shower and livens up the entire cake-cutting event which is an important moment in one’s life that most would like to revisit and reminisce in the later years ahead of one’s life.

When you are going for a safari theme, you can be sure of how colourful it can get and this depends on the decor and the money you are willing to invest in the decor option. You might as well customise the decor area to enhance the appeal and make sure it is liked by the mother as well.

Safari Themed Baby Shower Cake – Customizable

These safari-themed cakes can be customized according to one’s taste and preferences. You can choose your preferred cream, filling, topping, and lettering in these cakes among many others like the kind of animal print or design you may want, inclusion or exclusion of toys, etc. Since these cakes are customizable, if you’re close with the hosts, you can order the cake separately too as a surprise for them since two cakes are always more welcome and better than one anyways and add a lot more sweetness to the event, quite literally!


Baby showers are fun and get everyone you love- from family and friends to work colleagues and/or acquaintances together. Families of different cultures and backgrounds are known to celebrate it differently in their own unique ways and it is such a memorable moment for the future parents-to-be. Moreover, in recent times, the traditional practices of hosting a baby shower are fading and parents are adopting modern and exciting games and/or ice breakers for their baby showers, making it as unique and fun as possible. Therefore inviting your little one into this world by celebrating with a gender-neutral cake is something you must do if you haven’t already!

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