Steps On Making A Heart Shape Cake For Weddings -

Steps On Making A Heart Shape Cake For Weddings

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Heart cake is best for any wedding ceremony. After the wedding is done, it is very common to serve the guest with a wedding cake as dessert. An attractive wedding cake decoration shows the creativity and idea of the decorator. Apart from the taste, the cake must look elegant, extraordinary and amazing. Though this heart shape is very simple, it seems beautiful after you prepare it. So, are you still thinking about preparing a heart-shaped cake for the wedding party? Well, some necessary steps can help to make this beautiful cake.

Cool Cakes Completely 

Amazing Steps And Tips Of Heart Cake For Wedding
Steps On Making A Heart Shape Cake For Weddings

It is essential to cool the cake after preparation. After baking the crust portion, please keep it in the fridge for some time. It may be 3 hours or 4 hours. Firstly, this will help to get the shape of the crust. Many times after cooling, it may change its shape, and decoration will not look so good. Apart from this, when the cake comes out from the oven, then it contains a lot of moisture. It is best to cool it completely.

Level Surface For Heart Cake

We all know the shape of a heart, so it will not be so hard to do it. Well, it will be easy if you make the crust in two layers. After shaping this crust, one has to cut the top portion of the cake so that the burn portion will not be seen. It can spoil the look of the cake. While cutting, this portion maintains even the surface of the crust. There is a high chance to break the surface and create an uneven surface, that is why follow the cooling tips.

The Crumb Coating 

It is the next step to coat the surface with cream. If the surface will not be smooth, the cream will create an uneven surface at the top. However, before spreading this cream once put sugar syrup at the surface. It will help grip the ream at the top. Take a spatula and spread the frosting cream evenly over there. It is a first and primary frosting layer of cream. As it is a wedding heart shape cake, so in this step, you can spread white cream. 

Secondary Frosting Layer For Heart Cake

Amazing Steps And Tips Of Heart Cake For Wedding
Steps On Making A Heart Shape Cake For Weddings

As this is a heart-shaped dessert, so use red color for the cream and then do this secondary layer. Without red cream, this cake will not get the perfect look. However, you can use food color, which is not harmful to our health. In this step, spread the cream with the nozzle pipe. It is very simple to decorate at the top. One has to put the cream at the nozzle and then press its design will create at the surface. Well, apart from this, you can generate rose with this cream. While creating this rose, you can change the color of cream. Hence, heart shape cake is ready for the wedding ceremony which the new couple will like it very much.  

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