Tips to Create Unique Happy Feet Cake Decorating Designs

cake decorating design

Cake decorating is actually one of the most basic art forms that employ either frosting or icing and other creative edible decorative objects to make still more aesthetically interesting plain cakes appear more visibly interesting. Alternately, cakes can also be specifically molded and sculpted to look like three-dimensional objects, people, and even places. The cake decorating design can be made more attractive with some creative planning and bold experimentation. You will need to have some artistic bend and artistic inclinations as well as some degree of technical knowledge so that you can come up with good-looking edible works of art.

Cake Decorating Designs

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One important tip for cake decorating design is to choose the decorations that can work well with the overall structure of your cake. For example, if you are decorating a cake that features layered floral trimmings, then the floral trimmings must be selected after taking into consideration the overall arrangement on the cake. In addition, the shape of the frosting must also be in coordination with the shape of the trimmings. You might think of adding a small piece of coconut to the frosting so that it matches the coconut’s color.

Another tip for cake decoration is to choose a design that is easy to create with a few straightforward steps. For example, if you are creating a star tip wedding cake, then you will not have to use fondant as the main binding agent. Instead, you can use chocolate chip ice cream fondue as the main substance for the decoration. This is a popular alternative, especially because chocolate chips are cheaper than fondant. Also, this particular design is easy to create, and you will not need too much expertise when doing so.


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One useful tip for cake decorating is to purchase a simple round cake plate or one that has a more elaborate design. This type of cake plate has a flat bottom surface and is covered in chocolate-colored wax paper. However, you should take note that you should not buy plain wax paper because the colored wax paper is easier to match with the colors of the actual cake. If you want to enhance the design of your cake, then it would be best to use some kind of ribbon or even sequins.

Here are some practical tips that can help you create unique star tip cakes. Start by using white frosting for the base of your cake. Then, use pink frosting on the topmost layer and then add the white frosting. After that, you can put coconut cookies and brownie bite-sized chocolate chips on top of the cake. You can repeat this process until the cake looks like a penguin. For this, you may need to use some fondant.

The next step is to wrap the case in cellophane. You can make this by purchasing pre-made cellophane from your local grocery store, or you can also make your own. Wrap the cake in the cellophane and then draw an outline of a penguin using the frosting as the pattern. Next, use some edible markers and trace the outline of a penguin using some sprinkles of cocoa powder. Once you are done with this, you should moisten the underside of the cake with some milk.

Another tip that can help you create unique Happy Feet cakes is to use icing to remind people of happy feet. To do this, you should start by putting some small dots of icing on your cake. You can start with the toes and gradually work your way up to the rest of the foot. Next, you should use some edible yellow icing. This will help make the penguins stand out more.

Final Words

The final tip that can help you achieve a unique Happy Feet cake decorating design is by using white frosting on your cake trimmings. By doing so, you will be able to cover up the white frosting that will help make the penguins stand out more. The final step would be to put on some black licorice frosting. Finally, you should put some bows at the tip of each toe. Finally, you should put a variety of Happy Feet coasters that will complete the look.

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