Top 3 Forest Girl Cakes For Your woodland Party

woodland baby shower cake

If you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary for your daughter’s upcoming shower, look no further than a woodland baby shower cake! Themed Honey Moon Bakeshops has put together some of our best and most beautiful themed Baby Showers imaginable. These cakes can be made in so many unique and wonderful styles. You will absolutely love how easy they are to make and how much they will wow your guests!

Idea For Woodland Baby Shower Cake

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For example, one adorable idea for a woodland baby shower cake is to make use of adorable little paw prints as a free welcome sign. Your guests simply receive a cute little paw print and the happy couple welcome them with a sign that says Welcome to the Honeymoon Woods. You could even use this free welcome sign as an accent design to the top of your cake.

Another adorable idea for a woodland themed shower cake is to decorate the table with delectable fruit and leaf patterns. Use fruit and leaf garlands as place card holders and place them along the length of one side of each place setting. Then, decorate each place card with a cute little bow and insert a tag that says: “Mama is a Pheasant” or something similar. You might also like to add some real deer antlers to the table if you don’t already have them.

Tips To Make The Dessert

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To complete your theme, you may wish to use some authentic-looking birch tree twigs as a centerpiece for the dessert. These twigs can easily be found at any local hardware or gardening store. To make the twigs look more authentic, you can buy a balsam fir from the lumber section of your local home improvement store. These twigs can easily be painted with a natural looking birch tree motif. Use these twigs in your centerpiece at your woodland baby shower cake and you will have a beautiful, edible centerpiece that the guests will love.

For added fun, create a sweetheart card by writing invitations with the familiar looking sweetheart font. You can find inexpensive but heartfelt invitations online. Or, use real cute heart shaped invites that match the theme of your entire baby shower cake. If you want to add a personal touch, purchase personalized labels and tape them to each invitation. Sweetheart cards are the perfect addition to any woodland forest animals baby shower invitation.

Finally, For The Decoration

For added decoration, use deer and birch tree leaves in different shades of brown. Place them on the cake top as well as on your table runners and other pieces in your home and you will have a stylish yet rustic looking baby shower cake. The brown shades of these tree leaves will contrast beautifully with the whitish baby shower colors. To make the cake look more natural, use faux butter cream on the cupcakes and place them on cookie sheets that match the main theme of your event. You can also purchase white frosting that matches the chocolate fondue that is featured at the party.

Another fantastic idea for an image source for your cake is the image of a baby in a cradle. You can find this and other cute nursery rhymes on the Internet at a number of websites. To make this image source complete, purchase plastic scoops of baby food from a website and position them around the perimeter of your cake. This will make the perfect baby shower cake topper for any themed event!

Bottom Line

Shopping online for themed baby shower cakes is a great way to save time and money when decorating a cute themed baby shower. Themed cakes with image sources are often less expensive than purchasing pre-made pre-lit cakes or cookies. If you’re creative, you can find many different cute designs to fit the image source and match your theme perfectly!

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