Unique Ideas For Cakes Babyshower

cake babyshower

Baby shower party is all about welcoming the newborn to the world. Celebration of babyshower calls for some fun, excitement, memories and many more. Along with every other element of the party, the cake will be the showstopper of the show. Since this is the celebration of baby shower so the cake should also be unique in order to excite everyone. There should be thoughtful and beautiful quotes written over the cake. Something meaningful wordings written over the cake will create a loving memory of the family as well as for the new would-be mom.

Well, it’s almost time to welcome the neonate. Prepare the cake in a unique way which will beguiled the would-be mom and will bring a wide smile to her glowing face. 


It’s time to welcome your sweet little champ ! Here are some quotes which one can use over the cake for babyshower.

  • Oh joy! It’s a bouncing baby boy!!!
  • Mommy’s little prince is on the way.
  • Get ready with the tiny suits, bow ties and shoes. Here comes our little boy!
  • Well, it’s a BOY!


Little angel from heaven is on it’s way. Welcome her by some pulchritudinous lines on the dainty cake prepared for the princess.

  • Cute dresses, tiny curls, thank God for the little girl.
  • Some sugar and some spice, all the cute little girls are beautiful and nice.
  • A tiny bundle to cuddle and kiss! We are going to be blessed by a cute little miss!
  • Give a twirl for our new little girl!


There are some families who decide not to reveal the gender of the baby till birth and it’s completely fine. They love to give a grand surprise to everyone till the baby’s birth. But wait, that does not mean the party is going to be a boring affair. Everyone’s choice and decision should be respected but also at the same time enjoyment and celebration won’t be ruined. Here are some cute wordings for both the parents to-be for stealing the show.

  • Hey sweetheart, please come fast! Can’t wait to see you!
  • Bowties or bows? Nobody knows!
  • Pink or Blue! We have no clue. God bless both the baby and you.
  • Rock and roll, welcome a beautiful soul.
  • Hurray! A miracle is on the way!


Pregnancy is a beautiful and amazing journey a woman ever goes through. It becomes even more interesting when the mommy-to-be herself juggle with the baby. So here are some funny writings which one can use on the baby shower cake.

  • Goodbye tummy, hello mommy!
  • All it takes is one big push, then life revolves around a tiny tush!
  • Attention! Baby is in motion!
  • Welcome to the sleepless nights and wet diapers!


Baby shower is a celebration for the new mommy-to-be and the baby coming and making the event more special requires a marvelous, dazzling and babyish cake. So, grab the yummiest cake for baby shower, decorate with beautiful sayings and make it the showstopper. 

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