Watermelon Cake Design – Learn How to Make This Unique And Delicious Cake

watermelon cake design

The reason for this design is that the majority of people love eating watermelons. Therefore, the designers have made this cake design into a very appetizing and tasty dessert. To make this design more delicious and appealing to most people, one should use different colors of icing.

Create An Outline Of The Watermelon

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Firstly, you need to create an outline of the watermelon with the use of a very sharp knife. After creating the outline, you should start to carefully carve out the size and shape of the watermelon. When creating this design, it is very important to place the watermelon on a flat surface. This would make it easier for you to carve out the design.

After carving out the design, you can start making the paste of the fruit. It is recommended to use meringue mixture which is prepared using a bit of egg yolks and sugar. With this paste, you can start making hollows on the bottom part of the cake. Next, you should put in the filling that you would like to fill up. The filling that you will use must be the watermelon itself.

In order to complete the design, you should use different colors of icing. Icing may be done by using a different type of icing or a combination of different ones. After applying the icing, you should smooth it out. After doing so, you can start decorating your cake according to the design that you have created.

Place Some Colorful Ribbons On It

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To make the cake more appealing, you can place some colorful ribbons on it. For this, you would need around four to five ribbons. One can even use the same color for the ribbon strands as they are for the watermelon. To finish off the cake, you should add a few dried flowers onto it.

It is not hard to make a watermelon cake especially if you have a bit of creativity. First of all, you need to choose a watermelon that is of a big size. You can either buy it already cut one of its own parts. Next, you can create a hole at the top of the slice. By doing so, you can easily drip water into the cake.

Follow The Watermelon Cake Design

The decoration of the cake should follow the watermelon cake design. For that, you should start with writing some letters on it. After that, you can spray it using some edible ink. You can also use ribbon and string them onto the cake. Finish it off by placing some edible flowers on it.

Making such cakes can be very enjoyable. However, to ensure that the design would come out well, it is best to do some planning first. This way, you would be able to make one that has the best design that fits your preference. Happy baking!

Summing Up

To make this cake, you do not have to worry about making it complicated at all. If you have the basic skills in baking, then you will be able to make it perfectly. As long as you have the correct materials and equipment, you will have no problem making this cake. Just choose the design which would best suit your taste and make it the best birthday party dessert ever.

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