Whale Baby Shower Cake Themes For Mom-To-Be

whale baby shower cake

Are you going to have a whale baby shower cake theme? Or just trying to figure out the best whale baby shower cake? 

While going for a whale baby shower, try to have the sea theme, this is the most trending one. These theme cakes will add more fun, innovation, creativity, and create great interaction for guests at your party. 

This whale baby shower cake theme is adorable, unique, and cute. These types of events will let your guests talking about the enjoyment, joyful events in many more decades to come! 

List of Whale Baby Shower Cake

A cake with a teddy bear sitting on a table

1. Whale Baby Shower Decoration: Whale Baby Shower Cake

A cake sitting on top of a table

Whale baby shower cake requires lots of pastel and blues, having pictures of underneath the sea and nautical things. This theme will invite lots of loving colors and a variety of options. 

You can decorate your table using pale yellow table cloths having blue runners. Tie sashes onto chairs and decorate the tables using sea creatures and sparkly whale confetti. Balloons having whale-shaped blue colors

And last, prepare a multi-tiered cake to complete your whale baby shower cake function and also add blue ribbons and whale ornaments to it. 

Party Decor Themes

  • Seating Cards
  • party Favor Tags
  • Circle Garland
  • Food Labels
  • Guest Name Tags
  • Cupcake Toppers
  • Gift Tags
  • Stickers
  • Invitation and thank you cards. 

Many more lovely ideas will suit your whale themed party. You just need pairing up with paper and scissors for a wall decor masterpiece! 

2. Whale Baby Shower Cake

The edible ingredients of whale baby shower cake include vanilla cake with lemon curd(from the recipe of a vanilla cake recipe). We fill this cake with raspberry jam. And use the buttercream presenting powdered sugar & butter recipe including vanilla bean. This tastes so yummy and delicious! 

The exciting event includes chocolate cake having candied whales & cupcakes, treats. Sugar cookies must be in the list consisting shape of different sea creatures, nautical boats, anchors. 

Whale baby shower cake must have blue colored ombre waves cake which should have stars, blue whale, cookies and swirls toppings. Also, write a beautiful welcome note for the upcoming bunch of happiness. 

Whale shaping ice and blue punch add little extra fun to this theme party while having macaroons of sparkling blue colors and a tremendous amount of chips & dips would create a long-term impact on your guests. 

Include dessert of blue honeycomb lantern and decorate the table using blue-green streamers & a banner of a baby. 

Whale’s spout sign must be present on the event, having tiny folded hearts. 

3. Whale Baby Shower Games: Whale Baby Shower Cake

Baby shower games need to be quirky and classic, but it should be of your choice. You can include mini boat races in the small DIY tin or can have a bubble-blowing competition. Similarly, you can also arrange for a small Mad Lib baby game so that your guests can play that and enjoy every bit of giggling through your blue whale theme party. 

Conclusion On Whale Baby Shower Cake

Whale baby shower cake will enlighten your party and the fun games, innovative table decor will all seize the eyeballs of your guests.

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